Back on the 5th January, once the chaos that is “Black Friday” had calmed down, The Telegraph covered an article saying how the John Lewis boss has said that retailers should reconsider this frantic approach to slashing prices.

John Lewis themselves did partake in slashing their prices along with the likes of many other retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and M&S. Black Friday led John Lewis to record the best week of sales in its 150-year history. But he has questioned whether or not they will do it again.

Black Friday, the US shopping phenomenon which takes place the day after Thanksgiving and has been brought to Britain by American retailers. You would have found it difficult to ignore it this past Christmas, even if you avoided the shops like the plague, the frenzied displays of people fighting over TV’s and bringing many website to a standstill was well publicised by the media and social media channels.

The Telegraph article read – Andy Street, managing director of John Lewis said retailers are likely to consider whether to hold promotions again on such a scale given the disruption it had caused. He said: “From a customer point of a view it is a good deal. The question is for retailers – is it in our interest to have that peak?”

When asked whether Black Friday will be even bigger in the UK next year, Mr Street said “not necessarily”. The John Lewis boss said the promotion had caused a “considerable restructuring” of Christmas shopping patterns, with the week before Christmas no longer the biggest for sales.

You can view the full article here

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