There are many factors that influence a consumer’s behaviour. They are swayed by family & friends, their social and societal environment as well as cultural trends.  Ultimately, these factors work on deep-seated emotional needs – what the psychologist Maslow described as the need for self-esteem.

Companies spend billions of dollars annually studying what makes consumers `tick’. Although you might not like it, Google, AOL, and Yahoo! monitor your Web patterns—the sites you search, that is. The companies that pay for search advertising, or ads that appear on the Web pages you pull up after doing an online search, want to find out what kind of things you’re interested in. Doing so allows these companies to send you popup ads and coupons you might actually be interested in instead of any old ads and coupons.

However, many of the factors that can be measured easily may not impact on consumer behaviour, especially purchasing decisions. Most of us are not purely rational, logical beings – especially when it comes to that latest `must have’ buy.

The best-selling, most successful brands manage to create an emotional connection with their customers. The real trick is understanding the emotional meaning that your product can convey and that this will differ between groups and even from person to person so this meaning is highly subjective.

At Aspect, we dive beneath the surface, beyond just the logical and rational, so that we discover the real factors driving behaviour – in essence, what makes your customers really `tick’.


Image courtesy of Huffington Post