Aspect Market Research recently took part in researching how shopping centres are using social media for commercial gain and to provide practical guidance to centre managers on behalf of BCSC (British Council of Shopping Centres). In particular the study set out to discover what consumers look for from a shopping centre on a social network and study how centres are using these networks, and how they are resourcing and managing their activities, and what outcomes they are measuring.

The evidence of this report is that like a lot of businesses, shopping centres are still in the experimentation stage. They are discovering that social media is not like any other medium at their disposal. That there is not a silver bullet of measurement for an activity that crosses advertising, PR, market research, community relations and customer service is not a reason to turn away from social media. It is more of an opportunity to ask, ‘if social media is growing at a furious rate, what do we need to do to be more relevant to the customers who are using it?’

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