How market research can benefit small businesses

You would not be the first to say that market research is only for large multinational businesses with a matching budget or for business to consumer businesses. But you would be mistaken; here at Aspect Market Research we know that with a little research, you’ll better understand what’s most important to your customers, allowing you to improve your products, […]

Social Media – A blessing or a curse?

Social media is transforming the world of marketing communications. The intention of this article is to attempt to assess whether this development is a blessing to marketers or will it turn out to be a curse.

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The growth rate of social media can best be illustrated by the growth of Facebook, Worldwide, there are […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Market Research

We are finally entering spring and you might be thinking that now is a good time to start a fresh new sales campaign, to reignite some past relationships, dust off existing ones and you never know you may even find some brand spanking new ones along the way!
Surely now you have been in business for a while and you […]

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    Masters of the Universe – Why Global Brands will continue to dominate their markets

Masters of the Universe – Why Global Brands will continue to dominate their markets

Everyone wants to be a brand nowadays. It is not just companies and products that embrace branding. Political parties see themselves as brands, football clubs speak of leveraging the brand, and countries seek to promote themselves by branding. Even individuals are now being encouraged to further their careers by personal branding. Branding is firmly enmeshed into all aspects of […]

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Airbrushing the truth?

We are sure that many of you in the evening (when you do watch live TV) have seen the adverts boasting about x number of women/men surveyed achieved results in the product they are promoting. This can be anything from hair products, make up or miracle skin creams as well as various household products. But what you may not […]

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The dangers of misinterpreting data

As you would expect with a market research company, here at Aspect Market Research we are involved in carrying out a lot research on behalf of our clients and this can come in many forms, depending on the specific requirements, the data we are working with and not forgetting the source from where that data originated.

However one thing we […]

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Do sales really work?

Back on the 5th January, once the chaos that is “Black Friday” had calmed down, The Telegraph covered an article saying how the John Lewis boss has said that retailers should reconsider this frantic approach to slashing prices.

John Lewis themselves did partake in slashing their prices along with the likes of many other retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and […]

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Food & beverage – A solution for shopping centres?

It is pretty clear that the high street and the retail industry as a whole has been the subject of substantial change in recent years. The current structure of the industry was unforeseen just a decade ago when the answer for greater sales was more floor space.

Now there appears to have been something of a rush towards increasing food […]

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The role of social media in shopping centres

Aspect Market Research recently took part in researching how shopping centres are using social media for commercial gain and to provide practical guidance to centre managers on behalf of BCSC (British Council of Shopping Centres). In particular the study set out to discover what consumers look for from a shopping centre on a social network and study how centres […]

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Welcome to the new-look home of Aspect Market Research. We’ve been working hard to improve the web experience of our visitors, whether you’re viewing on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone. We’ve changed and updated everything – and part of that includes the introduction of an ongoing blog, documenting projects, things we think you may find interesting about us […]

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