There is nothing more tedious than practitioners who want to tell you about their techniques rather than the benefits to you of working with them. At Aspect, we draw upon our expertise to select the most appropriate approach to data collection for each project. We don’t try to shoehorn your brief into a `black box’ proprietary technique.

Actually, we don’t do black boxes. What we do is innovation.

We are constantly looking for new ways to uncover insights as our track record shows:

  • One of the first companies to conduct online focus groups
  • Pioneers of Bluetooth proximity interviews for mobile phone users
  • Developed our own software for webcasting research events
  • Originated body worn cameras for life blogging

Whatever it takes, we will use the best method to answer your objectives. If it means inventing a new paradigm to achieve this then fine – watch this space for future innovations. However, we don’t re-invent the wheel – simplicity often reveals the most valuable and compelling insights.

Our Clients Include