You are likely to have heard this along with; “You can’t prevent events from happening in life, it is how you respond to them that determines the outcome.”

Just look at the recent fate of some of the once industry-leaders on our high streets – BHS, Austin Reed and Cecil Gee, they have all become casualties in the past two months, mostly due to a retail changing market.

But at some point, there will undoubtedly have been an opportunity for these companies to make difficult and significant decisions that could have changed the fate of the business for the better. Difficult decisions are just that; but the consequences of not making those decisions can be even more devastating.

How we react can be significant in terms of everyday hurdles too, not just landmark events. If we crumbled every time we were knocked back or just buried our head in the sand when things got tough, we would soon find ourselves not wanting to do or say anything at all!

The way we respond to things not only determines the eventual outcome but can also determine what others think of us. Whether it is staying calm in the face of adversity or having a positive attitude when presented with challenges; our responses to situations are judged more often than we would think.

If there is one thing for sure in business, as in life, there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome. If you need to relook at your business, evaluate how your customers see you or even how your own staff sees you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.