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Back to basics – Why is meeting face to face underrated!

With technology improving by the day and more of us spending ever longer glued to our phones and iPads, it’s become all too easy to sit at our desks and tap away on our keyboards. But actually, you have to ask yourself whether this is the most effective way to communicate when you’re in business? 

It has been said that […]

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How engaged are your employees?

If you have read our previous blogs, you will know that we have focused on ways to ensure your customers remain loyal, but what are you doing to ensure you can expect the same loyalty from your employees?

As Richard Branson said “If you look after your staff they will look after your customers.”

You might be quick to say of […]

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Challenges – It is how you respond to them that counts

You are likely to have heard this along with; “You can’t prevent events from happening in life, it is how you respond to them that determines the outcome.”

Just look at the recent fate of some of the once industry-leaders on our high streets – BHS, Austin Reed and Cecil Gee, they have all become casualties in the past two […]